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Dreamchaser Academy was formed in 2015 under the corporation Crane Enterprises LLC. CEO Jacob Crane had a vision to create a program designed to motivate and inspire individuals to go after their dreams. Mr. Crane known as “Coach”, found his purpose early in life when he started coaching kids at the community recreation center in Ft. Worth, TX. He knew that his calling was to become a leader in the community and inspire people to live out their destiny. Coach attended Hampton University and North Carolina Agriculture Technical State University where he learned the importance of developing long lasting relationships. During these relationships and along with his research Coach has learned the essential elements it takes for one to fulfill a dream no matter the circumstance. He places a focal point on the importance of the goal setting process. Mr. Crane believes that the most important piece of the dream fulfillment process is coming up with a plan that will empower that individual to achieve what they have set out to do. Coach’s passion is to impact lives through intentional positive speaking not only to, but also into the lives of those whom we come in contact with. Coach’s presentations uses his personal experiences combined with stories of others who have overcome adversity to reach a high level of success.


1. We want to be a resource that people can go to for inspiration and motivation on a daily basis. We want to encourage a life style that empowers people to live life on their own terms and to act upon those BIG DREAMS.

2. We will serve as platform for people to share their stories to the world of how they chased their dreams. We want people to make a connection with others  and  learn about the mindset they had as they chased their dreams.


DCA mission is to inspire, motivate, empower, and create opportunities for others.

Jacob “Coach” Crane

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