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Eric Phillips (Podcast Review)

Thank you Coach for this podcast interview with Sgt. First Class Michael Smith. This has been an inspiring to me personally. Understanding the power of the will is so important for the success of a person. Knowing you and Michael personally and knowing your personal journeys made the podcast even more powerful because I can see the power of God in his journey. It shows that ones past can is the foundation of their future. Episode 12-"Anything you can do, I can do better"


I met Jake aka Coach Crane in maybe 2010 or 2011 as my little brother's basketball coach and instantly we hit it off. Started talking about sports and our convos started to branch to things much bigger then sports such as life and our goals and aspirations. I've never had a father in my life so Jacob filled that role in a short period of time and I'm very appreciative of it. He took me on all of my college visits during a very important time in my life and let me make my own decision and he was supportive in every way. Every since I've been in college he's played a big part in me making the transition to becoming a man as I've asked him for advice in every aspect of life and he'll always kept it honest with me and for that I'm forever grateful. I've never met a person so driven and outgoing and someone who chases their dreams no matter the obstacles in there way. Jacob will always be a father figure to me and always be family also! Excited for the future!

WESLEY LEWIS (Man Cave Essentials)

I've known Coach Crane for about 9 years and from the first day we met he's always had my back and spoke the right words to lead me to the right direction! Jake always pushed me when I had second thoughts about many ideas in the past from starting an AAU program to starting my own haircare product line and he was always in my corner positively reinforcing me and letting me know "the only way to fail is to not try at all"! I took his words to heart because he's a brother to me and since then we started an AAU program who had consecutive summers winning tournaments and placing kids in college on scholarship and now as of last week I launched my line of male grooming products and Jake has really motivated me through it all!!

DEREY ALSTON (The Alston Collab)

Dreamchaser Academy has provided me with a lot of insightful information that I can use on a day to day basis.  Being an entrepreneur is difficult, and Dreamchaser Academy creates positive and motivational content that has helped me on my journey.

DR. D. HARRIS JR. (NC High School Principal)

If you are looking for an engaging and inspiring speaker for students of all ages, call Coach Crane! He not only talks a strong game, but he walks it as well. After delivering a tailor made coaching session for my students, he continued to engage and motivate them throughout the remainder of the year. We can't wait to have him back!

JUSTIN (High School Student Greensboro, NC)

Ayyyyyye coach I know it's late but I just wanted to let you know I see you man!! Watched one of your videos on YouTube at MCHP had the whole room moved by your speech!! Me too!!! Hopefully you can come to my school and touch some of these cats keep it up!!! Loving this loving this!!!  I hope you can come through man, you're an inspiration coach!!! ! Blessings on Blessings !! God bless

TIFFANY DUNLAP (Greensboro Housing Authority Client Services Team)

You were an amazing speaker you had everyone's attention. You absolutely set the tone for our event and I am so grateful that you accepted the invitation. We will have other events that we'd love for you to attend so we will definitely keep in touch.

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